Site Selection/ Feasibility Study

One of Symbiorph Clinical Trialogy core competencies is conducting dedicated Site Selection and Feasibility Study to deliver on-time patient enrollment. Site selection is a critical component of a clinical trial's success.

Because we know that

"A delay in study startup and patent enrollment are major problems for cost overruns in clinical trials. A well-designed and executed feasibility study would help in ways more than one."

Strategic Site Selection (3S) Model

For clinical trial site selection and effective feasibility requirements, Symbiorph Clinical Trialogy works on its Strategic Site Selection (3S) Model. This model provides comprehensive and accurate assessment of different clinical trial site and its current status before the startup.

Symbiorph Clinical Trialogy exclusively provides sites from various Government and Public Hospitals.

We have dedicated staff from various therapeutic backgrounds for executing site selection and feasibility study which helps in specifying clinical trial's challenges as well as strategies to mitigate risks before startup activities begin.

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